Don’t hide your beauty,
shine like a star and share your happiness, you lovely bunch of energy! 💫


Oh what if people knew their value, their power, their beauty!
We would experience so much less jealousy and hate.
We would feel so much better showing our own value, power and beauty!


As children, we were all super proud of the most little things we created and achieved, no matter how individual they were. We loved to run to our parents and show them what a good job we did, filled with joy and without the fear of rejection. The older we got, the more we were judged and objectified, which led to thinking in „better&worse“. This is when we learnt that in our society, our value depends on how another person scales it. And this is when we became insecure about who and how we are. We started to compare ourselves with others every minute, totally forgetting about the richness we were born with.


Most people don’t know how precious they are, how much power they carry inside, how beautiful they are.
Most people think there is so much to attain, to achieve, to change in order to be good enough. In order to deserve unconditional love, respect or attention. In order to show who they are. They chase other people’s dreams and goals and scale themselves according to how well they copied others, always tending to feel bad because what they chase is not their own truth and because it is so exhausting to try to be the better version of someone else, instead of being authentic and doing their own thing. And being proud of it, and sharing that pride! The result is jealousy of those who live their individuality, their happiness and positivity and who share their success with others. Especially in Germany, great success often connotes arrogance, ignorance or showing off. Most people who seek great success and love to share positivity have experienced that understatement and adaptation helps earn acceptance and inclusion. This is why a lot of people feel bad about sharing great success: they are afraid of losing their family’s and friends’ support. They are afraid of hearing “you changed so much, I thought we were friends” or “so you think you’re something better?” That’s one reason why we tend to hesitate to really be authentic and just go out there. With everything we are and have.


Especially women struggle with being themselves, wherever on this planet. We get objectified and even sexualized very easily (read my post on this topic! >>Women<<). How much skin can we show without being the b**** that needs attention? How much makeup can we wear without being the bird that tries to hide something? How much adventure or freedom can we seek without being the egomaniac that just wants to stand out?


You know what? It is not your problem if people can’t handle how much you love your body, health or beauty, your sexuality, skills or characteristics, your success. The only limits are the ones we install in our heads. If you feel beautiful and happy, show it! People with the right mindset, people who also focus on positivity and who love exchange and synergy will feel motivated and empowered to do the same. Your community will grow. There is a community for everyone of us. Document and share your happiness! We attract what we carry inside, what we manifest,


so go out there you beautiful bunch of energy!






Don’t hide your beauty, shine like a star