Get new Balance by Sportsessions in the Park

It is underestimated how much fun going into the nature can be, even if the weather isn’t Maldives like. True story haha!

These pictures were taken a couple of hours before my 30th✔😂 birthday – what a special pre-party with my business bootcamp photofellow Matthias Pfuetzner in my favorite park!… enjoying the clear and fresh autumn air, doing some of my regular exercises and sports photographer Mathias taking pictures of that fun – with my baby Canon 5D MarkIII and my 50mm lense – and we were both surprised how refreshing and vitalizing that walk despite autumn vibes and little sunshine was!

Highly recommended, friends of the flow, highly recommended.
Recharging can be so simple. #thelittlethings

Make sure you’re wearing good thermo clothes when going into chilly nature, so you’ll keep nice n warm even if you sweat during your exercises.

I can also recommend wearing light sport shoes like my New Balance 800 (get inspired by @newbalance_de), if you want to do a lot of bodyweight exercises – to feel nice n light motivates so much give 101% haha! 😀


💪🏽My workout workflow

Sport sessions in the park basically always have the same flow, no matter if I plan to do yoga, workout or other exercises:

1. Warming up: 
Run some steps up and down as fast as you can
Twist your upper body, your feet standing on the ground as wide as your hips
Make sure your back is upright and you engage your whole torso
Swing your arms, chest out, modify your arms’ height and make little ballet movements if you like dance

Counting until 8 per set helps get a nice rhythm

Balance exercises:
Swing your legs from the right to the left
Up and down, forth and back
Move your legs bent in circles to warm up your hips

2. Stretching

3. Bodyweight exercises:
Press ups, mountain climbers, yoga elements, …
Do different exercises on the yoga mat for your arms, core, back, abs, bum, legs
Concentrate on your breath, breathe regularly and deeply

4. Stretching
Focus on your slow and deep breath
Close your eyes for more relaxation

5. Meditation:
Get yourself into a cozy position, back straight
Sit towards the waterfront if available 😉
Listen to Alpha frequencies
Breathe slowly into your abs, take deep breaths
Meditate at least 5 Minutes
Be thankful for everything that comes to your head, all your experiences, everything that surrounds you
Visualize your future including all the details and focus on the positive emotion that starts to grow inside you
Manifest your inspiration, phantasy and emotions
Think as big as you can dream. There are no limits.
Be thankful for this peaceful session, a few more deep breaths, a bow.

»» New Balance to go! 😉

Hungry after some movement in fresh air?
–> Try this delicious recipe and enjoy some healthy food on top of a healthy sportsession! 😉

Stay tuned for some more pictures, the sporty ones of that lovely park session with movement and joy!







New Balance by Sportsessions in the Park



Get new Balance by Sportsessions in the Park



New Balance by Sportsessions in the Park