Simple Energy Tools for a higher Vibration.

All we have is our energy, our health. We can influence our energy level, our vibration proactively – internally and externally. Make sure you always wear something that makes you smile and bring your mental tool kit wherever you are right now. Gold <3


Do you also like to wear things of special people or moments in your life? Things such as rings, a necklace or jewelry for your feet that make you smile or somehow encourage you every time you look at them? For example, I wear a fine silver anklet of a travel friend that I met in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, almost everyday, no matter the outfit. It reminds me of an amazing time and enlightens days that I just want to fly away and refresh or reset.


It is magical how much impact even the most little things can have on our mood, wellbeing, energy. A single thought, a two-second-teaser of a song, any kind of stimuli can be enough to change us from high into low and vice versa.


Beside your versatile mental tool kit that helps you from the inside, you can and should make use of external tools such as souvenirs, sounds or other stimuli that make your 气Qì flow and raise your vibration from the outside. There’s so much simple science out there, we just have to implement these things into our daily life and wham we’re in our lane!


What are the souvenirs or tools that raise your energy?


Have a beautiful Tu-es-day evening,

love & light,





in this picture, taken on Gran Canaria this winter, I’m wearing the bracelet from my two Pakistani friends who stayed at the same place [Albergue Gran Canaria] and were totally living their open-hearted arabic culture. Good conversations, invitations, music, food, car rides along the coasts,… One night we went out to swing our hips in the Latin dance and night club Pequeña Habana VIP, with a nice group of friends from our hostel and me wearing my high heels <3 (I really love to be closer to the sky haha). There a jewelry dealer came into the club, us moving and drinking in a cozy corner. He went from guest to guest and sold bracelets with different star signs. My Arabic friends bought – bighearted – one bracelet for each of us and we could chose our own star sign! Mine you can see around my ankle in this picture – with a Libra 😉

Oh yes we were having a blast and I felt really blessed on the island!