The more you learn the more you earn

The more you learn
the more you earn ❤

🏝 Why learning and working where others enjoy their holiday?

Because it’s so much fun, and
🔮 because living the lifestyle you would like to live in the future brings you closer to your goals. It forms your beliefs and affects your subconsciousness a lot, which helps you attract your future ideal faster. ❤

If you want to learn something new, be somewhere else in the future or have clear goals in mind, 👁visualize these amazing future results as often as you can and feel this future emotion, get onto your future vibe/wave/frequency. You’ll attract things and people with the same frequency. Give it a try! 😉

One year ago.

In this picture, I am reading “Jenseits der Grenzen” by Jürgen Höller on Summer Island, surrounded by other diligent Business Bootcamp participants, such as photographer Malcolm Kessler who took the photo. Merci vielmal, Malcolm! 🙏🏽

After dinner, it was time to share my learnings of the book with the group, every day. It was a bit like back in school, speaking in front of the class. But this time about something I am really interested in haha! One week on the paradise Summer Island, Maldives – amazing atmosphere for development! Many lessons learnt! 🎓

One main thing I digested deeply in that week:
Learn the right things, not everything.
Do the right things, not everything.
Channel your energy, channel your lifetime.
It’s never coming back <3



Jenseits der Grenzen ist ein schnell und einfach gelesener Mindset Booster mit super Metaphern und Beispielen. Klick hier und Du kannst Dir das PDF gratis herunterladen und von überall lesen. Echt zu empfehlen!
Sprenge Deine Grenzen verschenkt Jürgen Höller im Moment – schnapp es Dir auch und lass Dich von seinem Buch transformieren. Ich mag was und wie er schreibt. Es ist ein bisschen amerikanisch, aber greifbar und realistisch, und unheimlich motivierend! Klick hier und bestell Dir den Bestseller am besten gleich mehrmals als Geschenke für eine Businessfreundin oder jemanden, der an seinem Mindset arbeiten sollte! 😉 Solche Ausgaben sind Investitionen in Dich selbst. Immer die beste Investition!! <3


Yes there are enough things going on to let ourselves throw us out of our good energy, out of our lane, back onto low frequencies, into the grey.

But there are also more than enough things happening and existing right now that we can focus on so we stay positive and don’t give bad energies a chance 🍀💪

The shining sun, the peace surrounding me, the food in my fridge, the view into the nature, all these technical tools I can use to connect with thousands of people, knowing that there are powerwomen out there who need my input and help,… enough reasons to honor today and make it a beautiful one! A lesson we seem to be learning every day, right!?

What are the things and who are the people that show you how good life is? =)

Dive into the day with THIS song.
Have a wonderful one, beauty!





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The more you learn the more you earn