Make your lifestyle your business – Captures from beautiful Prague

This past weekend, I had the chance to travel to the capital of the Czech Republic

for the first time! Everyone who was already there kept telling me how beautiful this city is and I was really happy about the combination of amazing weather, inspiring work, content production and a quick dive into the city, just to the right moment!

I documented the whole trip and took behind the scenes for DJ Revelz who had a gig at the opening party of one of the amazing, new A&O Hostels. The A&O Hostels’ slogan “everyone can travel” tells exactly what the innovative and expanding chain makes happen. The freshly re-opened hostel in Prague made me realize the dimension of how much traveling and services have changed. Our standards are different nowadays, they’re much higher than until ten years ago. The concepts of hotel chains allow a revolution in the travel landscape. People with low income now can enjoy a relatively high standard during their trips and holidays. The very best aspect of our fast changing world is that more and more get to travel, to see and experience the world like it really is. People enjoy individual travels and local experiences, witnessing the base of life: love. Intercultural exchange and extending horizons for everyone! Vivent les voyages <3

Up high on the last level of the newly renovated highend hostel,

I had an amazing view over a huuuge part of the city and much green from my window <3 The bed, bath and everything was brand new and nice n clean, the snacks yummie. And the staff was very friendly. The hostel world is changing!

Of course the opening party started with an entrée for all senses. Champagne, juice and other drinks refreshed in the warm summer air, colorful food and live music filled the guests’ stomachs and ears with positive vibes. DJ Revelz tuned in with his music sets when the sun was gone. The afterhour buffet inside the cozy lounge in the entrance hall of the hostel was not only beautifully decorated but also dangerously delicious! The light atmosphere – my favorite – gave the whole picture a really nice flair <3





Make your lifestyle your business – Captures from beautiful Prague


The next day

was filled with a quick dive into Prague City for some content production 🌞 Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time, yet the main spots floated by tourists from all over the world was a little too much for my taste anyway, so I checked out a rather quiet zone for our photo session, and on the way back to the car, we even found some really nice little alleys with little cafes and sweet restaurants. The rather authentic stuff <3

Highly sensitive souls, if you travel to big and touristy cities such as Prague,

make sure you focus on the narrow streets with beautiful hidden treasures such as restaurants in backyards nourished by creepers, palmtrees and flowers! In the late afternoon, the natural light is the most beautiful and people crowds calm down – the perfect moment to roam through visually attractive corners and to walk on the waterside surrounded by trees and bushes! Let yourself flow to the right restaurant in the last sunrays and capture the beauty on your plate! Learn to allow yourself the lifestyle that attracts you. If you wanna shine, you gotta light up every cell of your body and every sparkle of your soul, and this means you don’t only have the right but also the responsibility and all the freedom to treat yourself however you want, the best possible way of course! 😉

On your way to your dream lifestyle, your dream business or your dream health,

you sometimes might find yourself searching for orientation and seem confused to the people who have known you for quiet a while, because you’re experiencing self-chosen changes and changes change people, obviously. You also might know the feeling of disconnection and you might go through moments where you question everything. Be sure we all have these moments – yet nobody talks about it because disconnection still seems to be a taboo in all societies. In a world with millions of options and a growing dimension of responsibility for each person on this planet, disconnection is an issue though. To me, it is a logical consequence of the world’s development. Most people in the developed zones of this planet are disconnected from themselves because they don’t know themselves anymore – family, school, social environment and expectations, media,… millions of influences tell us who we are until we forget our I-dentity. We’re overwhelmed by the world’s options, situations and expectations.

In moments of overwhelm,

just lean into the situation and try to see it as a new learning of how far you can go with your energy and how you can prevent the next drainer – if we’re honest, it mostly comes down to sensing and communicating our own conditions, interests, goals and position. This positioning thing is a challenge for us sensitives, because we sense others’ interests and goals so intensely that we tend to lose track of our own energy lane which is essential for everybody to survive well. Now those are the moments that teach you where you probably went too far or ignored your needs. Keep believing in your visions and breathe deeply, mindfully. Overwhelm leads to disconnection, and disconnection feels like having mental issues. It’s too much for our nervous system. We then seem to be incapable to focus and to feel small. Just remember that it’s normal to feel small when this overload of information in your highly active nervous system feels huge, back-breaking! Chill. It’s all good and always gonna be alright!

Use moments of overwhelm for intense selfcare. Yes, now more than ever. Out of the grey! No pressure, you’ll get there automatically. Believe in the existence of your own flow, that’s when life feels light… and looks a bit like these photos [Danke Philipp!] 😉


Thank you Prague, I will come back soon


Make your lifestyle your business - Captures from beautiful Prague


Make your lifestyle your business - Captures from beautiful Prague


Make your lifestyle your business - Captures from beautiful Prague


Make your lifestyle your business - Captures from beautiful Prague



Make yourself a beautiful day, afternoon, evening or night – what ever time it is,

take good care for yourself and let Ra into your heart!

Much much light,