MonaYoga Movement: 11 minutes glutes wakeup. Get your metabolism going, build up a vital energy, tone your glutes. Monday Workout Funday for your healthy lifestyle

It’s Mindful Workout Monday with
MonaYoga Movement

Good morning friends
of a healthy body & good energy!

Feel awful in the morning? Watch this 😉

11 minutes of MonaYoga Movement that helps you get your metabolism going, build up a vital energy and tone your glutes!

My morning movements are light. Their purpose is to get me going – high intensity workouts are rather something I use to do in the late afternoon – I don’t wanna be exhausted in the morning, but rather vitalized! I had enough after this 11 minutes glutes wakeup – absolutely no more time needed, you’ll be good to go, I promise haha.

Target your biggest muscles in the morning:
Your glutes, legs and back.
And streeetch. Stretching releases emotions and prevents injuries.
And breeeathe! Breathing grounds, centers, relaxes.

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Have a lovely Monday,


Wanna watch this video in normal speed?

As you can see, I use to pull coconut oil during my morning movements – that’s why I couldn’t talk to you like I use to do in most of my videos 😉
Let me know if you’re interested in how I usually start my day, my #morningroutine & #favoriteproducts for a healthy start! <3