MonaYoga Movement: Free Yourself Let Emotions Go! Mindful Workout Monday by Mona Voyage.


Mindful Workout Monday
with MonaYoga Movement

Wahrnehmen ist Aufnehmen.
Ist Annehmen.
Ist Lassen.
Das Ego.
Free Yourself
Let Emotions Go 


with this MonaYoga Movement: Free Yourself Let Emotions Go!
Implement some of these chest & hip opening elements of yoga, dance and freeletics
for more emotional freedom! 🙂

Did this MonaYoga Movement session inspire or even help you de-velop from shadowy emotions into beautiful light(ness)? 😉

Honestly, I didn’t want to work out. My body felt rigid and heavy, drawn out of my lane energetically, but I knew:

Stretching releases emotions and bad energies,
breathing grounds, centers, relaxes.

After the total 18 minutes of this workout, I was almost shaking in some areas of my body haha, and I felt remarkably light and happy, but be sure that if you really pay attention to a proper and mindful execution/performance of the single elements and flows, you‘ll feel your muscles and transformation latest two days after the workout! At least I could feel my body well after this freeing session! 😀

Tell us in the comments what physical soulfood YOU love to integrate into your daily life, into your personal lifestyle that makes you flourish, or how you liked the elements of this workout & mind session that you implemented into your own workout flow!? 😉

Let’s share our tools and learnings so we all get better in living a successively lighter and brighter life that we‘re realizing with every breath that we take and with every decision that we make!

Enjoy the rest of this Monday, beautiful!