About me Mona Voyage Mona Lutz

I help you shine

with my authentic lifestyle photos
and my healthy lifestyle coaching
for your brand & your soul!

Bonjour and welcome to my online world,
so glad you’re here!

I am Mona. 我是梦娜。
Former lifestyle photographer, chef and nutritionist of the Presidential Family of Kurdistan,
today working with you as your location independent photographer and coach
for your personal brand and your soul.

I help personal brands and lifestyle businesses reach their dream clients:
You get authentic pictures of yourself, your services, products and lifestyle.
You learn how to use your photos professionally on your online media
and how to use Instagram and Facebook professionally.

You learn as a highly sensitive business woman
how to raise your energy, regain balance and confidence,
and create your individual lifestyle so you can finally enJOY your inner & outer world to the fullest.
In personal coachings and retreats, this process can be documented photographically
so you powerwoman have amazing photos for your successful brand and your flourishing soul.

My mission is to spread light, to show the beauty of the world and inside of you.
Join my international group for highly sensitive powerwomen,
let’s connect and grow together!

Lifestyle Photography

Do you have a personal brand?
Or does your company offer lifestyle related products or services?

You just found your international photographer who
• helps you grow your business with authentic marketing content
of yourself, your services and products
• coaches you in using your photos professionally
• coaches you in using your social media professionally

Contact me now, let’s create wonders together!

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Are you…
• a highly sensitive, high sensation seeking and/or scanner entrepreneur?
• experiencing energy rollercoasters, even burnouts?
• trying to live and work like “everyone else” without success?
• wondering how to finally embrace your inner & outer world to the fullest, and feel light and free?
• ready to learn how to get back to your shining core again?

Beautiful, I can help you flourish.
Book your free session with me now and see what’s possible! <3

Portfolio Insights

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Why your business benefits from working
with me as an international photographer

Authentic Photography & Marketing

You just found the best photographer for your personal brand or company if you
need not only professional photos that level up your business,
but also content that transport emotion, your expertise and values,
and that attracts your audience sustainably by their authenticity.
Let me coach you in how to create original content for your socials!

Exceptional Intercultural & Language Skills

You can be sure that I handle any interpersonal situation on any continent at any time for you:
I was the court photographer of the Presidential Family of Kurdistan,
lived in different countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, China and the US,
traveled different countries in Asia, South America and Europe,
and I speak German, English, French, Mandarin and Spanish.


countries traveled


months abroad professionally






Messages from my heart about healthy lifestyle, high sensitivity and personal development.
Dive in & transform your lifestyle ♥

Interested in working with Mona?