Greek Blue Yessi Dirk Kreuter Mona Voyage Maldives


Greek Blue

Yessi on beautiful Summer Island, Maldives by Mona Voyage.

An unforgettable photoshoot with my lovely Karina Mèri who took the making ofs, Dirk Kreuter, Yessi’s husband, and Jorge B., Calvin’s assistant, behind the scenes in Calvin Hollywood‘s amazing villa right at the beach.

This May, I participated in Calvin Hollywood’s Business Bootcamp on the beautiful Summer Island, Maldives. One intense week which I also used – of course 🙂 – for my portfolio work!
Luckily, Dirk and his bella wife Yessi (who loves to document her travels btw 😉 Check out her Vlog Vacaciones en Tacones, her Instagram and her website) joined our bootcamp group! We used to eat together at one table and on our last workshop day, we even got over 3 hours of incredible sales marketing input from Germany’s sales trainer Dirk!

Every morning we had our workshop session, I thought to myself: “You need to shoot in this beautiful house, at the pool and on the beach right in front of the building! Such beautiful interior design, architecture and atmospheres, just right for lifestyle and fashion photography!

Since I love to photograph travel lifestyle and to work with exotic beauties, I took the chance to spend one afternoon with Yessi in Calvin’s villa. I showed her what kind of shots I was planning to take of her and how the styling could look like. This shooting was totally unplanned, so I didn’t bring any of my professional makeup stuff to Summer Island. Yessi had enough things though, also just the right tones for her dark skin – so I did her makeup and styling and then the photoshoot could get started! 🙂 Dirk was watching, Karina taking behind the scenes photos, and Calvin and Jorge joining later on – so so much fun! Especially also because I could finally practice some Spanish with the Caribbean beauty Yessi after such a long time! Too long 🙂

Greek Blue Yessi Dirk Kreuter Mona Voyage Maldives