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Believe You can and You’re half Way there

Believe you can

and you’re half way there.

– Theodore Roosevelt

A wise quote by the twenty-sixth American president Theodore Roosevelt – after who btw toy makers named an early toy innovation: Teddy bears. We all might reach our goals faster and more easily if there are people around us such as family members and friends who believe in us and support us. Yet even if not, we can achieve most anything we can dream of – the only thing it takes is to believe in ourselves.

Do you remember moments when you seemed to be the only one believing (in) something? Did you keep going or did you give up? If you kept going, you were still on your path, no matter how long it took to achieve your goal, you were in the lane. This is believing, having this invisible connection to something higher you wanna reach, no matter how short or long this connection might be. As long as it’s there, you’re on a good way. Once you stop believing, that connection collapses and you fall back or switch lanes, thus started to believe in something else.

We are always connected, so we always believe. Why not believing in our success in the first place?

The credit for this lovely photo goes to my photographer friend Karina Meri who I met in Calvin Hollywood’s business bootcamp on beautiful Summer Island, Maldives. A week were I particularly realized how powerful our believes are. They really guide us, to what ever we believe in. Oh, so if we believe in ourselves, they guide us to ourselves in the end? Philosophical questions.

Read my related article „About Goals“ and view an other shot by our short photo shooting right before I assisted Karina during her Korean couple shooting! A bit more philosophical is be my article „Use Your Power and create Your very own Path”, check it out 😉



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