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Wild Mediterranean English Garden Lifestyle

I have become a real garden and park lover!

Especially magical are those with a lot of wild green and beautiful light atmospheres. When I was a little girl, the movie The Secret Garden somehow inspired me a lot and even nowadays, I use to think of that movie quite often. Since I grew up on the country side surrounded by a lot of nature, my comfort zone includes a home with a green garden or at least a nice park nearby.

I totally fell in love with living in a city à la Leipzig or metropolis such as Shanghai because these are the places where people want to get faster, where technology is most advanced and where many people from different places meet or even work together, seeking for innovation and change. Places where people like to be productive and do things they love give me energy and motivate me.

Until a point where I need to digest that beloved extrinsic energy coming in everyday – in those moments I feel the need of calm and brain cooldown: away from the busy urban lifestyle, away from urban energy, back to mother nature.

Gardens, parks, mountains, beaches and nature in general support that cooldown.

They help reconnect with everything, clear foggy-brained perspectives, help meditate, let go, focus, recharge and feel energized again. By the energy that comes from within 🙂

The more I photograph different companies’ and people’s beautiful interior or property, the more I feel like having a little cooldown effect at work, too – I love lifestyle photography <3

Are you a city or nature lover? Or do you also need both? 😉

These photos show a gorgeous Mediterranean, slightly English looking garden I photographed last week, incredible with that beautiful evening light shining through the leaves and blooms. Feel the warm summer breeze 🙂



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