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You can learn to quiet your Mind and turn your Heart on

You can learn to quiet your mind and

listen to the song of your soul.

Do you also know those days where your brain just doesn’t want to stop driving on a highspeed rollercoaster, constantly thinking and talking nonsense that really eats up all your energy?

What I can highly recommend for more brain peace:

Brain waves.

Check it out on Youtube and give yourself some simple yet magical support to quiet your mind, release stress, nervousness or blockers and regain concentration! I listen to them during my yoga and exercise sessions, my meditations and even at work. They are sooo relaxing! Depending on your current Qi and your goals, you can try out the different frequencies and find the ones that work best for you. If you want to go deeper into this topic and use the sounds on a rather therapeutical level, learn more about the effects of the different frequencies in order to train your brain and get the most out of your “brain retreat”.

A free mind supports the connection to our heart. Once our mind stops driving this rollercoaster thing, we can hear what comes from within and listen to the messages of our heart. This is the best state for development and growth, this is when we can follow our truth, make the best decisions for ourselves and take action!

Make sure your heart has the chance to speak loud enough. It wants your best. Listen to it and see what beautiful paths open up!


PS: Back in 2010, I had the chance to shoot with photographer Andreas from Stuttgart. This photo still is one of my absolute favorites from that day. Thank you so much for this lovely shooting day and photo, Andreas!


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