I help highly sensitive Business Women











Raise your energy,
design your authentic lifestyle
and flourish!

Beautiful Lady!

Are you a highly sensitive,
high sensation seeking
and/or scanner entrepreneur?

As a highly sensitive business woman myself, I know exactly what challenges you meet
in your daily business and personal life! And I know ways to transform limiting beliefs and negative energies
into newly discovered light and drive, and to keep your newborn energy high. Let me show you
the power of designing an authentic lifestyle for yourself and how much value focussing
on your holistic health and wealth brings to your body, mind & soul!

If this sounds like you, keep on reading! 😉

  • sometimes I feel like an alien because I reflect, feel and am “too much”
  • I regularly ask myself “why am I so different?”/ “what’s wrong with me?”
  • I often feel the world is too loud, too rude, too fast
  • I feel energies and imbalances easily and they affect my wellbeing a lot
  • I sometimes have the impression I’m carrying the world’s pain on my shoulders
  • I struggle with trusting other people or life
  • I often feel drained by other people’s emotions & energy
  • I am easily stressed and overloaded by especially negative information
  • I often feel tired, overwhelmed and disconnected, even burned out
  • I think nonstop, deeply and I overthink a lot
  • I feel nonstop, deeply and a LOT into all emotional directions
  • I experience energy rollercoasters
  • I have sleep issues
  • I feel emotionally stuck in my past
  • I struggle with believing (in) me, my perception & experience of the world
  • I struggle with (self)acceptance and (self)confidence
  • I try to live & work the way “everyone else” does it, without success
  • I tend to make decisions according to other people’s expectations and interests
  • I struggle with communicating my interests, needs and position
  • I am sick of feeling wrong and incapable

I feel you. I’ve even been there. And I’ve found my way out! Beautiful soul, this is for you!
Understand that you’re coded the way you are on purpose. Your trait to experience the world very intensely
didn’t “just happen” nor is life against you.
Let me show you ways to be holistically healthy, balanced and successful according to how you define success!
Let me help you find out what holds you back, reconnect with your inner light and create a lifestyle
that allows you to flourish, meeting your personal needs and desires, no matter how individual they are!

Whether you reach out to me in order to achieve a specific goal that you have got on your mind
or you need a general supervision and hand for your current life situation,
I’ll always respect and treat you as one whole energy organism
with your different kinds of life areas which are interdependent and should create a flow, your flow.

My programs focus on

  • your general health
  • your relationships (to yourself & others)
  • your body awareness & communication
  • your patterns & habits
  • your nutrition & fitness
  • your visions & goals

You are ready to transform, to dissolve your personal blockades
and to get back to your shining core. You want to enjoy your inner & outer world to the fullest
and finally feel light and free – embracing yourself, embracing life!

Book your free session with me now
and show the world your true light, beautiful! It’s about time! <3

I wanted to work with other highly sensitive people for a long time. When I started to walk my path
to my own kind of fempreneurship, I was presented with yet another load of precious wisdom and expertise
that first seemed impossible to digest but was a priceless gift in the end!
And all these unplanned experiences made me finally realize that it’s especially
the highly sensitive power women out there who I want to help reconnect, balance and flourish! ♥

My path is a hardcore #scanner path😂 – colorful and packed with endless learnings that I love to give on!
My mission is to spread light, to show the beauty of the world and inside of others.
I love to capture beauty and I love to inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle so you can create
your dream journey through this world & enjoy your life to the fullest!🌺

5 years ago, I graduated from the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences in
B.A. Chinese Studies & International Management. At that time already being deeply into fields such as
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Health, Neurology, Psychology and Spirituality 👩🏽‍🎓
Quite unexpectedly, I then got to work as the lifestyle photographer & lifestyle coach with the Presidential Family of Kurdistan.
As their private chef & nutritionist, I was responsible for their healthy nutrition & routines,
and as their photographer, I captured their lifestyle on a daily basis📸

Since 2015, I’ve been developing my own business, based in the beautiful city Leipzig, Germany.
After realizing my dream of a big photostudio à la New York with red brick walls,
I decided to design a location-independent lifestyle business with which I can help personal brands &
lifestyle related companies level up their visual content marketing with my authentic photography,
and help other highly sensitive business women gain a high quality of life with my healthy lifestyle coaching!

I’m super sensitive, a high sensation seeker & scanner personality,
city and yet nature lover,
born ready to fly with high speed and yet loving my receptive Yin,
fascinated by the jetset life and yet being moved by every little water drop on this planet –
I’m a wild combination 😉 of all kinds of life journeys and professional experiences which allows me
to easily analyze your challenges & needs, to feel & understand your conflicts,
to link information and create individual solutions with & for you!

Get FREE content on your journey
to your inner light!

Als Gast im Podcast Interview bei Gedanken2Go
“Von Lebensreisen um die Welt & selbstentwickelten Berufen”
“Wie Du als hochsensibler Mensch Deine volle Kraft entfalten und in Balance leben kannst”

Als Gast im Interview beim Macherinnen Talk
von Heike Paschke & Cindy Stürmer

Let’s meet

Follow my socials so you learn about upcoming live coachings
and can bring YOUR questions into the chat!

All these platforms were created to connect.
To help people connect.
Reconnect with themselves and connect with others.
To share stories, links, learnings and motivations.
That inspire us and bring us further! ♥
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Mona Voyage Personal Lifestyle Coaching MonaYoga Movement

Join my Miracle Morning Sessions with MonaYoga Movement

and raise your energy!
Watch my free videos online or join us in person! 🙂

Mindful movement and meditations as a regenerating, balancing & connecting activity
are one of my most valuable coaching parts for your higher energy, your holistic health!

Our body awareness & quality of life are interdependent:
A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body.
With a fit body comes a fit mind. (and vice versa)

Elements of Yoga, Freeletics and Dance bring you change, relief & good energy.
A meditation at the end brings you brainpeace & even more connection ♥

Exclusive November Special
at Kokopelli Traveler Café Leipzig

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
7:30 – 8:30 in the morning

If you can’t join us in person,
raise your energy via my free LIVE streams!

Holiday on sand
for your body, mind & soul

at the beach of Hacienda Cospuden Leipzig
every Saturday 9:00 – 10:30
& Sunday 10:00 – 11:30 am

Learn more in my event section!

Sign up and feel the law of attraction! 😉

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Let’s create a tailor-made coaching & follow up plan for you,
according to your specific needs, goals, and time!

In some cases, only 1 session answers enough questions,
In other cases, it makes sense to walk the client’s path together for a certain amount of time.
We can walk your path together

  1. in person (currently in Leipzig)
  2. live via Skype, Zoom or Facebook
  3. via phone calls or e-mail communication.

Save your FREE first call with me now and see the possibilities!

Your individual needs and goals define our coaching’s
content, frequency, duration and final price.
My offers for you are as tailor-made as the coachings themselves,
so let’s find a perfect solution for your financial situation! 😉
My prices include 19% VAT and can be treated as business expenses.

As a coach, it’s my goal to walk you to YOUR desired point in your life,
help you ask the right questions and find the right answers
to issues related to your past, your current life or your future.

As a coach, it’s my responsibility to see and treat you as the individual you are –
which is one of my biggest joys of life:
to see people’s individuality and potential! And to help them see it themselves!

As a coach, it’s also my responsibility to see and focus on your needs, nobody else’s.
I’ll keep inspiring you with general healthy lifestyle tipps for HSP power ladies,
but our job is to find out how YOUR ideal lifestyle
with all its daily activities and values looks like, so you start living a life
according to YOUR needs and desires!

If you’ve been squeezing yourself into boxes you’ll never fit in
and – as a result – have been suffering from the loss of energy & vitality over the years,
now is the time to do things your way!
Live your life, love your life, beautiful!

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Mona Voyage Personal Retreat Holistic HSP Coaching Lifestyle Photography


The most personal and intense way to transform within your skin is
your individual retreat far away from your current life situation.

You can book your retreat as a golden toping
on single coaching sessions with me
or use it as an extra energy boost for both your soul AND your brand!

I will document your lifestyle photographically during our time together
so you have got beautiful new content for just yourself and your marketing!

Great stuff right!? 😉

Take a step away from your current life & business world
and travel with a professional photographer & coach (me 😉 )
or meet me directly at the retreat I’ll prepare for you! ♥

Spend up to 7 days with me and figure out what YOU have got & need
to manage your energy, to enjoy your inner & outer world to the fullest
and to flourish from the inside out!

Island Retreats 2018/19

Let’s dive into your personal goals and see the wonders we bring out of you!

Free your head,
free your emotions
Everyday of your retreat is filled with magic activities that open up
a whole new world for your holistic health and self.
We’ll do road trips to coasts, mountains and cities to free our energy outdoors,
to connect with mother nature and ourselves, to fire up our senses with local food and vibes,…
Learn more details about your daily lineup and benefits in the video
that I’ll publish once it’s launching time!

Bella Gran Canaria

own room in beach villa
 incl. 3 healthy meals/day
incl. flight*

*depending on location of departure. Individual solutions for mileage offered.


 collaboration planned with amazing psychotherapist & life coach Alexandra Bauer
 incl. 3 healthy meals/day
incl. flight*

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WHY you will love this RETREAT

Far away

There are no words to describe
how much dwelling on a beautiful island far away from home,
from your current life,
helps make space and
raise your energy!

You’ll learn how to make your life
feel like a holiday sustainably,
and experience yourself and life
in a brand new dimension.
Feel the law of attraction.
It’ll be life changing ♥

Release stress

You’ll learn intensely how to
quiet your mind, look within
and transform your energies.

Essential program elements are
MonaYoga Movement & Meditations
Coaching Sessions
Food & Leisure

You’ll free your soul and experience
a magical time that leads you
to your path, to your flow.
Love your nature, use your nature!

Save (life) time

My life & business lessons and
expertise as coach & highly sensitive adventure seeker
are there to be shared. Years ago,

I would’ve saved ages of
research, study, ups & downs,
even suffering with a coach like me.

It’s not worth losing a lot of energy
and time like I did. Taking my hand,
you’ll make a jump into
your new flow!

Amazing photos

Your lifestyle & activities will be
documented photographically by me
so you’ve got amazing new content
for your soul & your brand!

You’ll see yourself in a new light,
with a fresh mindset and new energy.
You’ll fall in love with yourself
and this transformation will be
captured forever 😉

It’s time to shine, beautiful!