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Why your business benefits from working
with me as an international photographer

I level up your business value

Authentic Photography & Marketing

You just found the best photographer for your personal brand or company if you
need not only professional photos that level up your business,
but also stories that transport emotion, your expertise and values,
and that attract your audience sustainably by their authenticity.
Let me coach you how to create original content for your socials!

Exceptional Intercultural & Language Skills

You can be sure that I handle any interpersonal situation on any continent at any time for you:
I was the court photographer of the Presidential Family of Kurdistan,
lived in different countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, China and the US,
traveled different countries in Asia, South America and Europe,
and I speak German, English, French, Mandarin and Spanish.

From a corporate career seeker
to a heart-driven fempreneur


In the beginning of 2013, I graduated from the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
in B.A. Chinese Studies & International Management.
I had been seeing myself working in international companies for a long time,
but latest at the end of my studies I started to realize that I rather want to create something from the bottom of my heart.
After my graduation, I first got to work with the Presidential Family of Kurdistan.
As their photographer, I captured their lifestyle, as their private chef & nutritionist,
I was responsible for their healthy nutrition & routines, and I taught their children French & Mandarin on a daily basis.

Then I gave it a go.
Since 2015, I’ve been developing my own business, based in the beautiful city Leipzig, Germany.
After realizing my dream of an own photostudio à la New York with red brick walls, I decided to work location-independent
and create a lifestyle business with which I can help personal brands and companies
showcase their gifts to the world – from wherever on this planet.

I can feel situations
and turn them into gold for your brand

One of my biggest strengths is that I can feel every detail of a situation
and capture the golden nuggets with my camera
to show the highest value of yourself, your products and services.

Make it easy for yourself – grab the whole package!
Authentic Photos & Personal Coaching

You can have more than beautiful photos that level up your business value.
As a passionate allrounder, I really love to work with my clients in-depth from A to Z,
so they have one partner who helps them make the very best out of their new marketing content:
collaborations usually don’t end with the photo shooting itself. My clients also benefit from my
storytelling tips & content coaching for their socials.
With your new content, you’ll attract your dream audience sustainably
because your content will transport authenticity, emotion, expertise & experience.

Inventing, improvising, and even filling in for makeup artists, stylists or models is pure joy for me.

Multilingual Medium & Travel Expert

My countless interests and antennae led to international working experiences of all kind.
I can thus easily understand and communicate with your models, business partners, and locals abroad
– in German, English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

What ever place on this planet, send me there!
I handle any interpersonal situation on any continent at any time for you.
A scholarship that allowed me to live in France for 6 months when I was 15 kicked off
my fascination for staying abroad professionally:
23 months China, 2 months South America, 3 months Switzerland,
3 months USA, 1 month Thailand, and 2 months Spain until today.

Contact me today, let’s create wonders together!

My professional background and skills

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