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Mona Voyage Location-independent lifestyle photographer, lifecoach for highly sensitive women

About me

Bonjour and welcome to the world of Mona Voyage!

Location-independent lifestyle photographer, lifecoach for highly sensitive women.

My name is Mona Lutz.
In China, my name has been 卢梦娜 for over nine years.
I am a 30 year old cosmopolitan born in Germany.

Experienced in working internationally and thus traveling a lot, I specialize in lifestyle photography combined with multilingual and lively storytelling for lifestyle related businesses.

With my extraordinary experiences from diverse career sections around the globe and as a female entrepreneur, I help other female managers and freelancers create their individual lifestyle in order to live the balanced and healthy life of their dreams.

Benefits for you


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Why your company benefits from working
with me as a photographer

Exceptional Intercultural & Language Skills

I was the court photographer of the Presidential Family of Kurdistan.
I lived in different countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, China and the US.
I traveled a lot of different countries in Asia, South America and Europe.
I speak German, English, French, Mandarin and Spanish.
You can be sure that I handle any interpersonal situation on any continent at any time.

Versatile Experiences & Vivid Storytelling

My countless interests and antennae led to working experiences of all kind.
I can thus easily understand and communicate with models, business partners or locals in other countries.
My stories contain emotion, experience and expertise.
My creative and multilingual writing skills are backed up by one semester in journalism.
Your content published will be lively and extraordinary.
Your audience will be sustainably attracted.


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months abroad professionally


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News & Views

I share my thoughts on lifestyle, personal development, travels and business.
Get inspired by my blog, let’s grow together!

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