Mona Voyage Location-independent lifestyle photographer, lifecoach for highly sensitive womenWelcome to the world of Mona Voyage!

Location-independent lifestyle photographer, lifecoach for highly sensitive women.

My name is Mona Lutz.
In China, my name has been 卢梦娜 for over nine years.
I am a 30 year old cosmopolitan born in Germany.

Experienced in working internationally and thus traveling a lot, I specialize in lifestyle photography
combined with multilingual and lively storytelling for lifestyle related businesses.

With my extraordinary experiences from diverse career sections around the globe and as a female entrepreneur,
I help other female managers and freelancers gain more mental strength for their own business and life.

I create photos and stories

In the beginning of 2013, I graduated from the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences in B.A. Chinese Studies and International Management and I have been working as a photographer and teacher since, mainly in the Presidential Family of Kurdistan living in different countries.

Since 2015, I have been developing my own business, based in the beautiful city Leipzig.
After realizing my dream of an own photostudio à la New York, I decided to work location-independent and create further home bases in the world. You need a multilingual and flexible lifestyle photographer? Here I am!

I deliver more than a photo. Storytelling and tips for your social media – you get the whole package.
My photos and stories transport emotion, experience and expertise. Your content published will be lively and extraordinary.
Your audience will be sustainably attracted.

My countless interests and antennae led to international working experiences of all kind. I can thus easily understand and communicate with models, business partners or locals in other countries.

Only few elements for a photoshooting available? My creative spirit allows an aesthetic approach to realizing and managing projects – creating new things of what already exists, improvising, inventing, and even filling in for makeup artists, stylists or models is pure joy for me.

I am a language addict: German, English, French, Spanish or Mandarin – let’s cooperate internationally!

What ever place on this planet, send me there! I handle any interpersonal situation on any continent at any time. A scholarship that allowed me to live in France for 6 months in 2003 kicked off my fascination for staying abroad professionally:
21 months China, 2 months South America, 3 months Switzerland, 2 months USA, and 1 month Thailand until now.

Wanna learn more about my professional background and skills?
Visit my profiles on LinkedIn and Xing!
For inspirations and updates on the socials, let’s connect on Facebook and Instagram!
I am looking forward to meeting you there!

I help highly sensitive women

You are a highly sensitive entrepreneur? This is for you! Maybe you are not sure whether you are an HSP – let’s do the test!
I can easily analyze your problems and needs, feel and understand your conflicts, link information and find individual solutions with and for you.
Lady, you are a lovely super hero, let’s work on those blockers that hold you back and let’s (re)spark your fire for your business and personal life!

Have you also always had extraordinary goals and visions that take an extra portion of strength and endurance? You might have experienced that the business world is still male dominated and you as a woman struggle quite a lot for recognition and acceptance which has an impact on all aspects of your life – the more sensitive you are, the more you might have crossed your borders and reached your limits already. I went through it. As a highly sensitive woman, high sensation seeker and scanner personality constantly developing tools for a better quality of life.

Especially since I decided to start my own business and create the world I have always been dreaming of, life taught me more than ever how important it is to listen to ourselves, to believe (in) ourselves and to stay positive, what ever the universe brings into our lives, what ever we attract into our lives, and to keep going.
Keeping the balance between success in business and holistic health can be quite a challenge, especially for HSPs. Unfortunately, the market doesn’t offer a lot of effective help for highly sensitive women who have great business goals, who need outstanding power and who want to live or (re)gain a balanced life. The good news is: There are ways! I can help you on your journey to a new Qi with all my experiences, tools and expertise!

Sharing my knowledge and experiences as a sport trainer, nutritionist, language teacher, trainer for intercultural communication management, style consultant, makeup stylist, photographer or life coach – I have always loved to work with people. Let me help you regain and live your inner truth, respark your strong Yin and reach your next individual level – not despite your high sensitivity, but thanks to it! This trade is a gift! You can learn how to use it right and as an advantage for yourself and others. We are all creators of our own lives – once you know how to create your very individual lifestyle and tools, you will live the fulfilled and balanced life you have always wanted!

One more thing, lovely lady: do you want to change your self-perception and have got something in your hands that will always remind you of your very individual beauty and your power for great changes and development? Let’s document your coaching process photographically! I can see all your amazing potential and turn it into art. My gift for you is your unique photo book of your individual transformation process!